Thursday, 10 December 2009

Medway Mortal Musings...Simon Bunyan

Simon Bunyan, frontman for 80's bands 'Men From Memphis' and the deliciously named 'Robert Underwater' is our first Medway Mortal to Muse for the Medway Music Museum. Thanks to Simon for helping to keep some of the Medway memories alive:

1) Please tell us a little about yourself and tell us how long you've been associated with the Medway Towns? -
Simon Bunyan, 44, sagitarius, 31 years

2) What's your favorite memory of Medway? - Gillingham's play off win 2000

3) What's your favourite Medway building? - Marconi House

4) Where's your parish? Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham? Elsewhere? - Rochester

5) Have you some favourite bands or solo acts from past and/or present? (Medway Acts) - The Claim, Swinging Time, LP3, Vandebilts, Kris Dollimore

6) Any great memories of wild nights out to share? - ???

7) What's your favorite pub? (clubs and bars do count) - The Nags Head, Rochester

8) If you were to show a visitor around Medway for a day...where would you take them? - The Dockyard

9) Is there a landmark that you instantly think of for the towns? - Rochester Castle

10) If you could live in any building in Medway where would you choose? - Troy (art deco house bottom of City Way)

11) Any particular shops that you think are worth a mention? - 99p land

12) Which famous people...real or you immediately associate with Medway? - Lortd Haw Haw, Oz Clarke

13) What's your very earliest memory of being here in these towns? - the Green Sheild Stamps shop on New Road

14) Any sad memories of Medway? - no

15) What's your favourite local music venue...past or present? , The Nags

16) Do you enjoy the current Medway Music Scene? - yes i do

17) Do you think the towns will change drastically...on the entertainment front...over the next 20 years? - No, the sixties will never end here !

18) What would you change about Medway if you had the chance? - the date

19) If you were asked to design a snappy logo for the Medway Towns....perhaps for an ultra-modern coat of arms...what items or items would you have on it? - The Victory,, a traffic light, a high speed train, and Primark

20) Lastly...on the tail of the last question...what would be a great SLOGAN for The Medway Towns? - "wake up"


  1. Funnily earliest memory is of going to the Green Shield Stamps shop, as well.
    Nice answers!

  2. Nice to see this great singer poke his head back over the parapet. We hope we can expect more from him.

  3. Yes...and a very nice person he is too.

  4. Funny to see mention of Lord Haw Haw - I've only ever encountered one other person who knows the apparent link to Medway...