Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bits and Bobs etc

The Claim

We supported The Claim a couple of a band and as supporters...if that makes sense? Always fondly remembered by me for the tremendously titled album "This Pencil Was Obviously Sharpened By A Left-Handed Indian Knife-Thrower" Exquisite. Some of The Claim are still around...treading the beer-stained boards of Medway's Inns. Dave Arnold and Dave Read, in fact, made a sterling appearance together at the Medway Eyes 1967 night at The Barge, Gillingham, in January 2009.

Billy Childish

Billy Childish has his fingerprints all over the Medway music arena and beyond.
Personal memories for me include a gig at the pub next to Chatham Railway Station in the early 80's


Who remembers Dymaxion? Quite unusual for a Medway band, I feel, these little Numanoids. I have absolutely no idea what happened to them...or if any of the band members graced any other local band (before or after)but I thought I'd give them a showing. So...guys...if you are out there...somewhere....make yourselves known...even if you live on a rocketship these days. Scrub that...ESPECIALLY if you live on a rocketship.