Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Medway Music Museum

Welcome To The Medway Music Museum

This is a blog set up to show some of the old press-cuttings and pictures from the Medway Towns....predominantly in the 80's...but not exluding the 70's or 90's.
It's not supposed to be a Gold-Medallist in the field of blogging...so don't expect archives of perfection or catalogues of dexterity.
Most of these pictures are from my old scrap-books....yep...I was anal enough to dissect articles and stories from the Chatham Standard,Kent Evening Post,Adscene etc whilst you lot were out drinking and fighting and screwing (allegedly) How you all laughed...but who's laughing now...as I labour over my computer...as you lot are out there drinking and talking and moaning about the wind and rain?

Seriously though...good folk of Medway...I hope you find something to make you smile here. There are a lot of creased and yellowing articles here...that's why I am doing this...to save them before it's too late. I'll try to make some typed representations of the worst ones...but other than that...it's all in the name of authentic archiving. I'll do my best to tag all the bands mentioned.
If you find yourself here and you don't want to be here..let me know and I'll have you erased. Then I'll take you off this blog ;)


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