Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Medway Mortal Musings

The Medway Music Museum is proud to announce that the Curator's Room...from which the questions are expelled for the Curator's Q&A...has been renovated and is now back in line with 'health and safety' standards. The unfortunate incident with the heavy trunk of reel-to-reel tapes can now be consigned to the past....and the Museum did provide the vinegar and brown paper to treat Phil Dillon's damaged head. Andy Export (The Curator) apologises profusely for that.
Moving forward...Andy has revamped the Q&A structure and will soon be presenting Medway Mortal Musings. This is an exciting new feature...which will see Andy seeking out the views of noted locals. The questions will be the same for each person...but the answers will, no doubt, fluctuate recklessly.
Here are the questions. They will be sent out to random Medway Folks.
Watch This Space!!!


1) Please tell us a little about yourself and about how long you've been associated with the Medway Towns?

2) What's your favorite memory of Medway?

3) What's your favourite Medway building?

4) Where's your parish? Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham? Elsewhere?

5) Have you some favourite bands or solo acts from past and/or present? (Medway Acts)

6) Any great memories of wild nights out to share?

7) What's your favorite pub? (clubs and bars do count)

8) If you were to show a visitor around Medway for a day...where would you take them?

9) Is there a landmark that you instantly think of for the towns?

10) If you could live in any building in Medway where would you choose?

11) Any particular shops that you think are worth a mention?

12) Which famous people...real or you immediately associate with Medway?

13) What's your very earliest memory of being here in these towns?

14) Any sad memories of Medway?

15) What's your favourite local music venue...past or present?

16) Do you enjoy the current Medway Music Scene?

17) Do you think the towns will change drastically...on the entertainment front...over the next 20 years?

18) What would you change about Medway if you had the chance?

19) If you were asked to design a snappy logo for the Medway Towns....perhaps for an ultra-modern coat of arms...what items or items would you have on it?

20) Lastly...on the tail of the last question...what would be a great SLOGAN for The Medway Towns?

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  1. How about this for a design for a wall painting, in the tried-and-true Art Nouveau style?:, by the famous English artist, Audrey Beardsley himself. You can also order a canvas print of the picture from