Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Medway Mortal Musings - Twydall Tea

Tonight the Curator ushers a fresh face into the Medway Music Museum. The man known as Twydall Tea has burst out of the UFK Dollshouse and is here tonight to give his unexpurgated views on the Medway Towns. Watch out for Twydall in a pub near you in 2010...he's quite an act. Twydall provided support to Unlucky Fried Kitten at the recent Time For Change roadshow in Maidstone....but the shadowlands of Twydall(Medway) are his roots. Ladies and gents...here...in completely unedited flow...is Twydall Tea.

1) Please tell us a little about yourself and about how long you've been associated with the Medway Towns?
ello ello ello, my name's Peter, A.K.A Twydall, i'm a punk/performance poet based in medway and maidstone, most of my family live in twydall and i'm a medway lad through and through.

2) What's your favorite memory of Medway?
getting banned from camping international on the top road for playing cricket down the aisles and for hiding in the sleeping bags.

3) What's your favourite Medway building?
my nans house, bacon sandwich and a cup of tea at any time of the day

4) Where's your parish? Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham? Elsewhere?

5) Have you some favourite bands or solo acts from past and/or present? (Medway Acts)
Pete Molinari at the barge, classic

6) Any great memories of wild nights out to share?
how fucking long we got?

7) What's your favorite pub? (clubs and bars do count)
Flowerpot in maidstone

8) If you were to show a visitor around Medway for a day...where would you take them?
to the hospital

9) Is there a landmark that you instantly think of for the towns?
great lines, many a night have i ended up asleep on those fields.

10) If you could live in any building in Medway where would you choose?
i'd live in the theatre.

11) Any particular shops that you think are worth a mention?
Dark times in the inn shops, rizla, bongs, roach.... you get the idea.

12) Which famous people...real or fictional...do you immediately associate with Medway?
billy fucking childish and tracy fucking emin

13) What's your very earliest memory of being here in these towns?
probably a fireworks display on the great lines.

14) Any sad memories of Medway?
too many

15) What's your favourite local music venue...past or present?
maybe the beacon court or the billabong in rochester.

16) Do you enjoy the current Medway Music Scene?
most of it is all good. i'm not too sure about those unlucky fried kitten geezers though, they seem a little crazy.

17) Do you think the towns will change drastically...on the entertainment front...over the next 20 years?
Medway never changes.

18) What would you change about Medway if you had the chance?
i would make the pigeons wear hats.

19) If you were asked to design a snappy logo for the Medway Towns....perhaps for an ultra-modern coat of arms...what items or items would you have on it?
a flick knife and some burberry

20) Lastly...on the tail of the last question...what would be a great SLOGAN for The Medway Towns?

Medway - because there's nothing else to do.

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