Friday, 22 May 2009

Curator's Question Time

The Medway Music Museum will be introducing a few new features....the first of which will be Curator's Question Time. In Curator's Question Time...the Curator (Andy Export) will be asking a certain Time. That's why we have called it Curator's Question Time. Clever stuff, huh.
We aim to find out what some of the people and bands in the Medway Music Museum are up to now. Find out the favourite colours of some of our local artistes. Absorb yourself into the intricacies of our subjects minds. Maybe one of them is a serial killer now? Who may even have a scholarship to Sandhurst?
The question sessions will not be limited to those featured in the Museum...and will not always be tied to the past. The Curator will interview current acts too...and this will not compromise the purpose of the it will be conducted in the Gardener's Hut at the back..near The Duck Pond. (with capitals because we have imaginatively named it The Duck it's own sign and everything...but no ducks...working on that one)
So...please have a look.
Our first victim....I the very ineffable (God...I wish I knew what that word meant) and charming...Mister Bob Collins. See next post...ThankYou
The Curator

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