Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Little Message From Meeeeeeeeeeeee

I've had some interesting letters from some nice people...concerning the MedMusMus...including some updated news from Lee Pattison from Dymaxion...who tells me that he's the only band-member still active in the music scene. I'm asking Lee to forward me some more detail as he said he has some more info including some magazine articles from around the time he played in front of Gary Numan himself. I'm looking forward to that and I shall no doubt be sniffing out some of Lee's up-to-date material.
Lee also gave me some more info on the John's Best Girl and Better Than Sex bands...reminding me that they were totally seperate bands...one fronted by Garrick and the other by Stuart....which OMG...leads me onto a band called 88 Bam...who are also linked. Incestuous Medway, eh? I'll be up-dating soon.

An 80's follower of Medway Music....named Jane Price...has also commended the worth of 88 Bam to me with a particularly eloquent letter regarding the 80's Medway Scene. I do have some 88 Bam cuttings...so I'll give them a page...starting with two very "of the time" photographs that Jane has sent to me.

So...keep sending those bits and bobs in...and let's unravel some mysteries...and find out what some of these bands and acts are doing now.

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  1. Garrick Welch, eh?

    There was a gig at the Victoria bandstand one year. The Drunken Popes couldn't all do it, but I turned up to watch. An impromptu band was formed at some point with Andy Hawker (Swinging Time bassist) on drums, Gaz Roberton (I think) on bass, me on guitar and Garrik on vocals.

    Garrick was wearing sunglasses on an overcast day. I asked him if he had sensitive eyes. He said "I've got sensitive everything, Man"!

    God bless him. "I wannna be, wanna be, wanna be Jim Morrison". Where is he now, I wonder?