Friday, 20 February 2009

Random Pages...who gives a shit?

Just 2 random pages from my old scrap-book. One has the lyric to a song I wrote for Acceleration... which we used to do live..called "Talking To A Schizophrenic"
The other page has a bit of The Dentists, a bit of Unit 37, a bit of Shalamar and a bit of news about the legendary local manager/promoter known as "TRICK"
Does anyone know if Trick is still around?


  1. The name Trick is familiar, but can't remember the man! By teh way I don;t ever remember The Dentists being compared to Aice Cooper!!! (we were far heavier of course!)

  2. And come to think if it, why weren't we invited to support Iron Maiden and Saxon at Priestfield? If it was the heaviest band in Kent they were looking for.......well, maybe not! Yes, I don't think that gig ever quite happened did it???

  3. Strangely enough....I was sitting in a bar in Detroit with Vince Furnier in 1986...on his comeback tour. Between gulping on illegal Bourbon and sucking on a doobie..he told me that he was inspired to write "He's Back" (the man behind the mask) after listening to an old Dentists demo in a shack in Northfleet. That's where the man behind the mask bit comes into was a dentists mask.
    Nah...the Iron Maiden and Saxon gig at Priestfields didn't I did get tickets for Judas Priest and Whitesnake at Gillingham Ice Rink ;)